Thursday, 4 January 2018

How To Safely Install A Polycarbonate Roof - Tuflite Polymers

Polycarbonate sheets have innumerous benefits over other traditional materials like glass, which is why it is preferred by most designers and architects for building transparent structures. And, this is the reason so many polycarbonate sheetmanufacturers are coming up in the country.

One of the most important properties that polycarbonate possesses is that it can let in maximum sunlight while keeping away the harmful UV radiations. Although sunlight is essential for both plants and humans, over exposure to it is bad. Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body, which strengthens bone health. Sunlight can also boost immunity, build up strong muscles, and help in sterilization and disinfection. But, over-exposure can cause skin cancer, sunburn, premature ageing, and eye damage. Similarly, plants needs sunlight to grow and help in the process of photosynthesis, but over-exposure of sunlight can also cause plants to burn and die. So, we realize how sunlight is necessary, but only in moderate quantity. This is why when you are planning to build transparent structures like sheds, pergolas, patios, greenhouses, conservatories, or carports, polycarbonate is the best option to avoid any adverse effects on human bodies, plants, and even your cars! Polycarbonate will let you enjoy maximum sunlight during the day by providing almost 90% of the sunrays inside, while keeping away the harmful UV radiations.

Another interesting thing about polycarbonate is that it is so light in weight that it can be carried and transported easily without the need of any additional tools or labour. Also, it is very easy to install. You needn’t call upon a professional to install a polycarbonate roof. You can do so on your own, only if you follow the right methods and precautions. Here are a few things you will have to bear in mind while installing polycarbonate roofs.

  • First and foremost, you are installing polycarbonate roofs so that you are protected against the sun’s UV radiations. So, it is important to install the sheet in the right direction. This is because polycarbonates have a UV protection layer on only one side. So, you need to find out which side it is and install the sheet accordingly. If installed on the reverse side, you will not be able to reap the advantages offered by polycarbonate. So, the first thing you need to do is find out the correct side and install the UV protected side on the outside, facing the sun.
  • Cutting and drilling polycarbonate is very easy, and requires only sharp-toothed scissors or circular saws, without any additional tools, machinery, or labour. So, all you need is sharp scissors or power saws; avoid high-speed cut-off wheels as they can melt the polycarbonate sheet.
  • Also, cutting and drilling of polycarbonate does not produce any harmful fumes or shard, so you needn’t worry about hurting yourself. But, you could always be safe by wearing gloves and eyeglasses.
  • After the entire installation, you will want to clean your structure to make it shine. For cleaning away the dirt and dust accumulated, all you need is a soft cloth and soapy water. Avoid using any abrasive tools and hard chemicals, or you may damage your sheet.

So, you can see how installing, cutting, drilling, and cleaning polycarbonate sheets are so simple. With so much of ease and so many benefits, there is no reason to say ‘No’ to polycarbonate. But yes, you will have to purchase quality polycarbonates for your structure; and you can get them at Tuflite Polymers. They are the leading polycarbonatesheet manufacturers in India who provide a wide range of polycarbonates like solid, textured, multiwall, corrugated, and architectural systems polycarbonate sheets.

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