Thursday, 29 December 2016

Why Are Infrared Blocking Polycarbonate Sheets Beneficial?

The visible spectrum of light ranges between 390nm and 700nm. Infra red light goes above 700nm, while the light below 390nm is the ultraviolet light. Sunlight is a mixture of electromagnetic waves ranging from infrared to ultraviolet rays, and visible light in between. This sunlight can cause the inside of buildings to heat up when it passes through the windows. Lower wavelength light has more energy than high energy light, thus causing faster heating. Therefore, visible light has more energy than infrared light, which causes more heating up. So what are we supposed to do? Keep the windows shut and covered with drapes throughout the day? Well, there is a better option. Read the blog below to know.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Why Should You Opt For Polycarbonate Sheets?

Polycarbonate is replacing glass in a wide variety of applications today. Where glass was traditionally used in a wide range of applications since years, today polycarbonate seems to be gaining more popularity. This is because it is as transparent as glass, but is comparatively more durable, sturdy, unbreakable and light in weight. These are not the only properties that make polycarbonate a superior option. There is a complete list of advantages people can have with this material. Because of its innumerous benefits, polycarbonate sheets are being widely used in various fields like agriculture, construction, industrial, residential, ornaments, police force and much more.

Bringing in the benefits of glass by providing maximum transparency and bringing in sunlight to the fullest, polycarbonate also reflects the harmful UV radiations coming from the sun, thus keeping humans and plants within the structure free from damage caused by sun. Moreover, polycarbonate weighs only half of what glass weight, which makes it not only easy to transport and handle, but also very easy to install. The impact strength of polycarbonate is 200 times more than glass. This makes polycarbonate the best material to be used in places that have a high potential of encountering wind, storm, rain and hail. Also, polycarbonate can be easily drilled, cut and sawed without worrying about any cracks or breaks due to it being so strong as compared to brittle glass. Another reason why polycarbonate is preferred is because unlike glass that carries water drops on its surface that reduces light transmission and hinders plant growth, polycarbonate does not allow for condensation to take place on its surface.

Both hollow and solid polycarbonates are used in construction industries. Though solid polycarbonates are much stronger and relatively cheaper, hollow sheets are superior in terms of thermal insulation. Both solid sheets and hollow sheets are used in skylights, pergolas, greenhouses, skywalks, stadium roofing, awnings and indoor partitions.

Polycarbonates are a perfect combination of light-weightedness, high impact strength, light transmission, UV protection, anti-drop and beauty. All these properties have gradually increased the usage of polycarbonates, which in turn has resulted in an increase in polycarbonate sheet manufacturers across the globe. Smooth surface polycarbonates are manufactured for perfect light transmission purposes, while embossed and frosted designs are manufactured to be used for decorating buildings and for giving them an attractive view. Whatever kind of polycarbonate sheets you are looking for – solid, textured, single-walled, double-walled, multi-walled, corrugated or architectural – you can get the best-in-class sheets at Tuflite Polymers, a reputed name in the industry since more than two decades. 

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Choosing The Perfect Tuflite Roofing

When you are building up a new home or looking to renovate your commercial building, the roofing system needs to be one of the most thought-after aspects. Majority of people will look for damage, discolouration and any other defects in their walls and flooring, but tend to overlook their roof. Also, they will want strong walls and durable flooring, but for their roofing, they may opt for inexpensive materials. The roofing system seems to be left out in the entire construction and renovating process. This attitude is in fact very wrong. Just as much attention you pay to the materials and construction of your walls and flooring, you must consider your roofs equally important too.

Apart from your walls, it is also your roof that keeps you safe and protected against harsh elements like rain, wind, snow and the scorching heat of the sun. Choosing a comparatively inexpensive roofing system will provide you with benefits only for a limited period of time. On the other hand, good quality roofs like Tuflite polycarbonateroofing will prove to be your best decision for bringing a durable solution to your home or commercial space for a long time. These roofs provide durability, cost-efficiency and beauty along with a list of many more benefits. There is a wide range of polycarbonate sheets available in many options of types, grades and colours.

Here are some guidelines that will help you make the right choice as to which polycarbonate sheet you must opt for depending on the location.

·        Consider the weather conditions of your location. If you stay in a place that observes extreme outdoor weather conditions of heat and cold, you can opt for multiwall polycarbonate sheets. These sheets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures while retaining their normal mechanical properties at temperatures ranging between -40 and +120 degrees Celsius.
·        If the place where your residential or commercial building is located is prone to fire, for example in industrial areas, you must opt for multiwall or corrugated sheets as these sheets are flame resistant and do not release toxic fumes, thus posing zero threat to human life in case of fire.
·        If your location is in an area that has plenty of rains or snow throughout the year, for example in coastal areas that have salt spray in the air, you must opt for architectural systems polycarbonate sheets as their structural design equips them with the strength to tolerate snow loads and heavy wind, and makes them completely watertight.

Whatever your requirement – skylights, pergolas, greenhouses, skywalks, carports, stadium roofing, awnings, indoor partitions, billboards, signages, advertising light boxes, police shields, or safety glazing, polycarbonate sheets will do the job perfectly well. Just make sure to choose the right type of polycarbonate roofing and opt for a reliable supplier like Tuflite Polymers.

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Resistance Properties Of Polycarbonate

The times of installing glass roofs over greenhouses, homes and other structures are long gone. Glass was at a time the traditional material used for roofing such structures. However with time, when the disadvantages of glass were realized, other materials started replacing it. Glass is brittle – prone to cracks, damage and breakage – and is also very heavy weight and expensive. Today, polycarbonate roofing is becoming highly popular and is becoming a common replacement for glass due to its enormous number of benefits.

Enjoying the transparency that glass provides without worrying about breakage or damage overhead, polycarbonate is the perfect solution for roofing for a wide variety of applications including greenhouses, pergolas, carports, railway station roofing, skywalks, skylights, swimming pool enclosures, stadium roofing and lots more. One of the most significant benefits of polycarbonate is its quality of resistance. It is resistant to a number of elements right from hail to flame.
Resistance to impact

Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass, so you can understand the capacity of resistance it has against any kind of strong impact. May it be rain, snow or hail, you can rest assured that your polycarbonate roof will remain intact. Because of its strength, it will take a bombardment of ice chunks to put the roof down. Therefore, polycarbonate can resist extreme weather conditions and keep you safe through torrential rains and gales of wind.

Resistance to UV rays
Have a greenhouse under the scorching sun without the need to worry about your plants as long as you have it made of polycarbonate. This is because this material lets in almost all of the sunlight while protecting the plants from the harmful UV radiations of the sun. Polycarbonate blocks out almost 99.9% of the UV radiations while letting in enough sunlight for the plants to grow. Also, when you use polycarbonate for other structures, you can soak up the sun indoors while keeping your skin healthy without the harmful rays.

Resistance to flame
When a house catches fire, it takes everything along with itself and you lose out on all that you have. But, this is not the case with polycarbonate. Its property of being flame resistant helps protect your home from the spread of fire. Therefore, even if you live in a place that is prone to fire, you need not worry and can rest easy about your home catching fire.

Resistance to noise
Because of the sound barrier that polycarbonate provides, it effectively resists noise. This is the reason why polycarbonate is an effective material for building indoor partitions and meeting rooms.

Resistance to discolouration
Another benefit of installing polycarbonate is that it does not yellow over time; thus you can install this material and not worry about replacement for the next many years to come.

All these qualities has led people to widely use polycarbonate for their roofs, walls, windows, doors, etc. moreover, it is available in a variety of colours, sizes, thicknesses and profiles to suit your preference. Check out the wide variety of polycarbonateroofing materials available at Tuflite Polymers to purchase one that suits your requirements at budget-friendly prices.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Guidelines For Building A Greenhouse

Are you a Nature lover? Do you wish to have fresh veggies all the year round? Do you have to keep running to the nursery for plants every year? There is one single solution to all of these questions; and that’s a greenhouse. Building your own greenhouse can be practically beneficial. You can start growing your seedlings early meaning you get the right veggies at the right time. You don’t have to rush to the nursery anymore. You can be surrounded by Nature right at your home. With so many benefits, you definitely want to have a greenhouse of your own now. However, you need some guidelines and tips to be considered while you are building one.

You need to have a greenhouse that gets the maximum amount of sunlight for your plants within. And for this, you will need to build one that has a southern or western exposure. Now, you may think that maximum exposure to sun may negatively affect the plants within. But, if you opt for polycarbonate greenhouse panels, you can rest assured that your plants get maximum sunlight while blocking almost 98% of the harmful UV rays of the sun. Also, make sure that your greenhouse is situated in an area with a good drainage. You must also protect your greenhouse from wind by surrounding it with a fence or a row of shrubs.

If you have a large yard, you can devote as much space as you want for your greenhouse. But, if you have a small space, you need to build one that occupies just the right space, while also taking care that you have the necessary space for your seedlings where they can grow appropriately. The ideal size for a greenhouse is 6 feet wide and 12 feet long. Try to have this amount of size for your greenhouse because too small a greenhouse will get difficult to regulate temperature-wise.

Make sure you have a peaked or domed roof for your greenhouse so that any snow or rain can collapse down instead of getting collected on the rooftop. In case of a domed roof, you need to be sure that you have enough pitch so that the ice and water doesn’t collect in one spot.

Temperature regulation
You need to make sure that the temperature is regulated in both summer and winter seasons. You need to provide perfect ventilation to release moisture so that the plants within do not rot. If you have a small greenhouse, it can be easily done by raising the cover with a brick or block of wood. But, if you have a bigger one, you will have to install a rooftop vent. During the winters, you will need a generator for heating the structure.

Keeping these few points in mind, you can easily build a thriving greenhouse that can bloom in any and every season. If you are planning to have a structure built with polycarbonate greenhouse panels, you can opt for buying the same from Tuflite Polymers, where you can be sure of getting the finest tested materials to bring your greenhouse a prolonged life.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Do You Need A Roof Replacement?

Leakage in roofing and damage of roofs are very common problems seen in the country. Other than these, there are many other issues that one may see in residential roofing. Here is a list of them.

Natural maturing
Roofs, on an average, last somewhere between twenty to thirty years. If your roof is already in that age, or has passed that amount of time, it is natural that you may be facing problems. You need to immediately get your aging roof replaced. You must replace your old roof with Polycarbonate Roofing, which is one of the most durable materials in the construction industry today.

Damage from wind or storm
Wind and storm can remove entire shingles from the roof, or damage them to lead to leakage, debris or rotting. In case of such withering too, roofs need to be replaced immediately.

Improper installation
If your roof has not withered or aged, yet it is in poor shape or is leaking, you may understand that either the roof is not installed properly, or the material you have chosen is inappropriate. In such a case, you may have your current roof fixed, or if you want to switch to a better roof, you can opt for Polycarbonate Roofing Materials from Tuflite Polymers.

Many times, issues are noticed only after the problem worsens or reaches its last stage. Do not be lethargic. Keep an eye on your roof for any minor problem and get it repaired or replaced immediately, before the problem may start to escalate.

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Keep A Greenhouse Economically Warm During Winters

Greenhouses are meant to protect the plants within them and to provide a warm indoor environment when the temperature outside falls. To enable the plants within to survive during cold environments, it is essential that they are kept warm; and a greenhouse does just that. Greenhouse structures are warmed through the sun’s rays during the day but, the heat continually and rapidly escapes as the sun sets. So, there are central heating systems installed within to keep them warm throughout the day. However, these systems can get quite expensive. For those of you who have greenhouse building as a hobby, you would be looking for lesser expensive options to keep your greenhouse warm. This blog helps you know the different ways to achieve the same.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels from Tuflite

You can save not only money but energy too by only heating greenhouses when necessary. Electric greenhouse heaters come with an in-built thermostat which helps you set your greenhouse heaters to come on only when the temperature drops below a certain point.

Water storage drums
Water is the cheapest method of capturing and collecting solar heat. So, you can strategically position water storage tanks within your greenhouse so that they can capture enough heat throughout the day. You can fill black or dark coloured oil drums of 30 gallon capacity with water and place them along the North wall of your greenhouse. These water drums make for an efficient and affordable heating method.

Bubble wrap insulation
Clip a layer of bubble wrap to the inside of your greenhouse frame. This will reduce heat loss and block the chilly winter colds. You can opt for horticultural bubble wrap insulation because this kind of wrap is UV stabilized and toughened. The larger the bubbles, the more light is let in.

Improved ventilation
If you have increased humidity in your greenhouse, you will have lesser opportunity of keeping it warm. Good ventilation will help you to have a healthy growing environment by preventing the spread of fungal diseases. Prevent moisture from building up – the moisture will trap and encourage a cold environment.

Below frost line digging
Situate your greenhouse partially underground because this is a place where there is a lot of thermal mass available that can store energy. Dig a deep pit to just below the frost line in which you can situate your greenhouse. The soil temperature here remains near 50°F all the year round, which allows the sun’s energy stored to warm the walls of the greenhouse at night.

With electrical energy getting so costly, it is becoming vital to find an economical and effective form of heating the plants in a greenhouse. Budget-minded people or those who have greenhouse building only as a hobby can use the above mentioned tips to save on their money while satisfying their inner self.

Whatever kind of greenhouse you wish to build, whether it is for fulfilling the desire of your hobby, or it is for commercial purposes, you must get your polycarbonate greenhouse panels from Tuflite Polymers if you want the best-in-class polycarbonate materials.

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Commercial and Residential Applications Of Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets have many benefits as compared to glass or acrylic, which is why they are popularly replacing other materials for roofing supplies. Manufacturers are relying more on polycarbonate than any other materials because of its durability in spite of its light weight and flexibility. Moreover, they are best known for their insulation properties, where an insignificant amount of heat is lost through the roof. Another very important significance of polycarbonate sheets is its light diffusion property and the ability to provide the best protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Because polycarbonate is weatherproof, fire-resistant and can handle impacts made by stones and hailstones, they can be used in any kind of environmental conditions and areas that are prone to fire or hail. Lastly, polycarbonate being flexible can easily be installed as a flat or curved surface as per the requirements of the design, thus providing flexibility with contemporary designs. All these reasons have made polycarbonate multiwall sheets the most reliable solution for every commercial and residential application.

 Tuflite Polymers - Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets Manufacturers

Commercial applications

·        Polycarbonate multiwall sheets can be used to divide rooms for employees within a commercial space.
·        They can be used to channel traffic at stadiums and fields by providing a space for printing advertisements and logos.
·        Polycarbonate panels are used for advertisements and signage on roads to increase brand visibility for businesses from passing traffic and pedestrians. The polycarbonate used also results in longer life span of these advertisements because they provide enough protection from the UV rays and heat of the sun.
·        These sheets can be used as roofing or window solutions in manufacturing facilities where temperature control is important.
·        They can be used with additives so as to provide transparency as well as creating a desired ambience within any given commercial space.
·        In manufacturing units where fabrication or production that involves harmful chemicals can cause safety hazards, these polycarbonate panels can provide resistance from corrosion. In this case, it also adds a layer of protection for the staff that is not involved in any such production processes.

Residential applications

·        Highly popular in the greenhouse segment, polycarbonate sheets are the most efficient materials that can be used to construct effective greenhouses of any size and style, protecting the plants within from the heat and UV rays of the sun, while providing natural light to pass through.
·        These sheets can also be used as an enclosure for swimming pools or hot tubs in order to help in extended usage during winters.
·        For those looking to turn their shed or outdoor structure into an office or living space, polycarbonate multiwall sheets are the best option.

If you are looking for the best material for your commercial or residence space, and whatever be your requirement, you can have all your needs fulfilled at Tuflite Polymers, who are expert manufacturers of polycarbonate multiwall sheets, and have been providing their products for the construction of skylights, pergolas, greenhouses, skywalks, stadiums, carports, railway stations, indoor partitions, billboards and signages.

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