Thursday, 11 January 2018

How Can Polycarbonates Protect You Against Calamities

Human beings are always under security threats and dangers. We never know what could happen – accidents, fires, thefts, murder, cyclones, earthquakes! Although we can’t stop all of this from happening, but we can always be alert and keep ourselves protected against these as much as possible. After all, we all know that prevention is better than cure. We can’t control natural calamities, fires, winds, rains, and thefts from occurring, but we can always keep us and our buildings protected against them. But how? Polycarbonates! Building our structures with polycarbonate can help us add an additional protection layer against these issues.

Windows are one of the most important yet most targeted elements of a building. As much as they are important, they are the most likely to be damaged and reduce the protection levels. When it is a theft, thieves generally enter through a window. When it is a cyclone, windows are the first ones to shatter. When it is stones or hail, the first things to be affected are windows. And, we generally build our windows with glass, which is likely to crack, break, and shatter easily. And when it does, the particles can prove hazardous for us! So, why not build windows with a safer alternative; like polycarbonate?
Polycarbonate is as transparent as glass, but is much stronger, more durable, and a great deal safer. Take a look at how polycarbonate can keep you safe against cyclones, storms, stones, and theft.

Cyclones and storms
Glass windows are immediately affected in case of cyclones and storms. They crack, break, and send harmful sharp shards of glass circulating across the rooms, causing fatal injuries. Polycarbonate is much stronger to withstand such calamities. They can withstand the pressure longer than glass. If you are lucky enough, polycarbonates won't break at all, but if the intensity of the cyclone or storm is high, it can cause the sheet to crack or break. However, such breakage won't produce harmful shards. Moreover, it will take polycarbonate longer time to break, which means you get enough time to leave the space and run somewhere safer, like maybe the basement.

Stone and hail
Stones and hails are other things that can break your glass panels easily. This is a major issue if you are living in an area where there is high amount of building or road construction going on; or where there is possibility of hail. Also, your cars can be damaged from the same. This is why it is advised that you have your building as well as your car windows built with polycarbonate. This material can withstand the pressure of hail and stones, and avoid any kind of breakage or dents.

We always see and read news about thefts in the country. All we do is install cameras and advanced locking systems, but we do nothing to prevent thieves from attacking our windows and entering them. Glass windows can easily be broken into. Instead, if you install polycarbonate windows, you don't give them a chance to break into your home, office, or shop!

After looking at all these safety measures, if you have decided to build your windows, or in fact, entire structures with polycarbonate, you will need to get in touch with reliable polycarbonatesheet manufacturers. One such name is Tuflite Polymers who has been providing clients with high quality polycarbonate sheets of various kinds to serve their particular requirements just perfectly.

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