Thursday, 28 December 2017

Fiberglass Or Polycarbonate – Which Roofing Sheets Should You Use?

With innumerous options available in constructional materials for all kinds of residential and commercial roofs, two of the most popular materials used today are fiberglass and polycarbonate. Now, when you are considering building a new structure or replacing the roof of your existing structure, you may be confused as to which material you should use. It is true that no material can have all the good points against another. But, you would definitely want to choose the one that has more benefits over the other; or the one that suits your particular requirements. So, how do you decide? This blog will let you know the aspects of both fiberglass and polycarbonate roofing sheets so that you can make an informed decision while buying your roof.

Which one is more durable?

Polycarbonate is used to construct bulletproof windows, shields, and protective gear. What other proof does one need to know how durable polycarbonate is!? You can just imagine the strength and impact resistance of polycarbonate for which it is used to construct these products! In fact, the chemical reaction of BPA and CoCL2 makes polycarbonate possess four times the impact resistance of fiberglass. Where fiberglass has a tensile strength of 220 pounds, polycarbonate has 900 pounds of tensile strength per square inch!

Winner – Polycarbonate

Which one can be easily modified?

Cutting the sheet, drilling a hole, and every other installation process should be made easy. Fiberglass when cut or drilled gives away fine dust particles, which irritates the skin and eyes, and can be very dangerous when inhaled; while also being very difficult to clean up. On the other hand, polycarbonate produces small curls of material that is neither dangerous, nor difficult to clean up. It can be touched, inhaled, and swept away with no worries. Moreover, polycarbonate is so flexible that it can be shaped in a variety of ways like domes and arcs, which fiberglass cannot.

Winner – Polycarbonate

Which one has better UV resistance?

Fiberglass, when exposed to the UV rays of the sun, fades in colour and also deteriorates in quality because it is made up of fibers. On the contrary, polycarbonate sheets are not made of fibers, which is why they don't fade or deteriorate. In fact, these sheets also resist the UV rays and keep them from entering the structure, thus protecting the inhabitants and plants within; the main reason why polycarbonates are used for constructing greenhouses. The strength with which polycarbonate resists UV rays helps to maintain the shape, colour, and potency of the sheets; ultimately helping the roof to last longer than fiberglass.

Winner – Polycarbonate

Which one looks better in appearance?

When exposed to time and elements, polycarbonate looks cleaner than fiberglass. Even in the harshest of climates, polycarbonates maintain their look, while fiberglass tends to start looking dull relatively faster. Who would want to repair and replace roofs again and again? Obviously no one! This is why people prefer installing polycarbonates as their roofs.

Winner - Polycarbonate

With only the above four considerations, you can see how polycarbonate is the clear winner. So, imagine the results when you get down to further details like chemical resistance, temperature range, water absorbency, etc. Polycarbonate roofing sheets are definitely what you should opt for if fiberglass is the other alternative. And, you can get the best quality sheets at Tuflite Polymers, the leader in polycarbonates since the past two decades!

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