Friday, 1 September 2017

Why Should You Use ETFE Films For Covering Your Greenhouse?

Having a greenhouse with a controlled environment is the best you can give your plants. A greenhouse with a perfectly protected covering can keep your plants safe, growing, and flourishing in all environmental conditions and climates. However, this is possible only if you choose the right material for covering your structure. Your greenhouse material should be such that it lets in maximum sunlight within the structure for the plants to grow, while preventing the absorbed heat from leaving the surface. And, when the material can bring in maximum sunlight, while keeping away the harmful UV radiations, there can be nothing better! So, without any thought, you can rely on ETFE films for the purpose. These films are the perfect material that can help to maintain the overall equilibrium of the greenhouse. However, this is not the only property that makes ETFE films the best option. There are many other benefits that you can have with this material by installing it in your greenhouse. Let’s take a look.

What makes ETFE films the best option for your greenhouse?

While selecting the material for your greenhouse, it is very important for you to check for its physical properties related to durability, longevity, energy conservation, solar radiation transmission, and maintenance. And, ETFE films serve all these purposes effectively and to the best results.

Durability & longevity ETFE films are proven to last more than 20 years without reduced performance, which means that this material is highly durable.

Energy conservation – with 95% of light transmission when used as a single layer, and 90% of transmittance when used as a double layer, ETFE films let in maximum sunlight during the day, which means no added artificial light required to be put in. To add to that, it preserves in the absorbed heat without letting it to escape, meaning further energy conservation.

Solar radiation transmissionETFE films allow maximum sunlight to pass through, but the most important property it has here is that it blocks the harmful UV radiations of the sun, thus protecting the plants within, while helping them to grown with the necessary vitamins needed from the sunlight.

Maintenance – ETFE films are self-cleaning materials. Because of their non-sticky surface, the rains drive away all forms of dirt from the surface. Moreover, snow and ice also slide off easily. This means that you require very less amount of maintenance efforts and costs invested on ETFE film greenhouses.

Why should you approach Tuflite Polymers for your ETFE films?

Now that you are convinced to buy ETFE films for your greenhouse, where to buy them is the next question. Undoubtedly, the answer is Tuflite Polymers. Why? Because Tuflite Polymers has partnered with the very renowned Vector Foiltec only this year to provide the ETFE system and solutions throughout the Indian subcontinent, under the brand name “Texlon”. So, whenever you are looking for ETFE suppliers in India, remember the name Tuflite Polymers to get the best-in-class long-lasting materials for your greenhouse.

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