Thursday, 24 August 2017

Is Using ETFE Foils Eco-Friendly?

ETFE foils are high-performance roof building materials that can be used to construct semi-transparent, dramatic, and brilliantly illuminated roofs. This is why many architects all over the world use this material to make the most creative designs. Other than these design aspects, ETFE foils also offer environmental advantages. In fact, using these materials has helped builders in the U.S. achieve an LEED certification due to their energy efficiency and ability to provide outstanding light transmission. LEED stands for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design that is given by the U.S. Green Building Council, after rating buildings on environmental criteria like energy saving, reduction of emissions, indoor environmental quality, and water efficiency. Let us look at the various environmental friendly features that these foils provide, which have increased their popularity, resulting in the increasing number of ETFE suppliers in India.

Resource savings:
ETFE foils are also much lighter and safer as compared to traditional materials like glass; thus having them to require lesser structural support, ultimately resulting in buildings requiring fewer heavier supporting materials like steel. This considerably reduces the amount of materials to be used for construction, thus saving on lots of resources.

Energy savings:

ETFE foils maximize natural daylight and permit full spectrum transmission, which reduces the costs for heating and electric lighting within the building. Adding to this, when high levels of light and UV transmission are not required, these foils can be printed or fritted with a range of patterns, which reduces solar gain while retaining transparency. This property reduces the load on air conditioning systems too. Therefore, we can say that ETFE foils control the climate indoors to a great extent. This helps architects to reduce energy costs up to 30% as compared to glass.

Cost savings:

As we can see that ETFE foils require lesser structural support, which reduces the amount of materials, thus reducing costs considerably. Also, with ultimate light transmission and indoor environment control, a huge amount of bills are saved with such energy savings. So, on the whole, using ETFE foils can highly save on costs.

Today, ETFE foils are becoming more and more popular because of these exclusive qualities and benefits. They are at present being used in a wide range of applications and new projects within schools, offices, sports facilities, and government buildings too. And, this material is only likely to become more popular, keeping in mind its amazing aesthetic as well as environmental benefits. Some of the most famous structures around the world that have used ETFE foils include the Burj Al Arab, Red Bull Arena, Marina Bay Sands, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Allianz Arena, Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, The SSE Hydro, Baku National Stadium, Singapore Sports Hub, Fisht Olympic Stadium, and Resorts World Sentosa. These are only a few of the enormous list of buildings built with ETFE foils. If you want to build a structure using this world famous material too, you can get in touch with Tuflite Polymers, one of the finest ETFE suppliers in India, who has partnered with the renowned Vector Foiltec to provide the best ETFE materials under the well-known trademark name Texlon.

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