Thursday, 14 September 2017

Where Can Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panels Be Used - Tuflite

Home improvements or a new home? Office renovation or a new office? Or are you planning to build up any other structure that requires transparent durable roofing? Twin wall polycarbonate panels are what you must choose to use. Why? Because there are number of benefits to using this material. These include ease of installation, high impact strength, high light transmission, temperature tolerance, light in weight, thermal insulation, fire resistance, non-toxic properties, and weathering resistance. These are only some of the qualities that you can have while working with twin wall polycarbonates. Moreover, you can easily get these panels from the many polycarbonate sheet manufacturers available. These properties and easy availability have led these materials to become highly popular in the construction industry to be used in a variety of structures like those mentioned below.


Whether commercial greenhouses or hobby greenhouses, twin wall polycarbonates are gaining high usage in this category. This material has been competing with glass for a long time, and has finally gained success. This is because it is comparatively more durable, distributes heat more evenly, and is also easier to assemble; not to forget it s properties of being light in weight, and resisting the harmful UV radiations of the sun, while letting in maximum sunlight. The thermal insulation property of twin wall polycarbonates has made it a great choice for greenhouses as they can keep the structure warm in winters and cool in the summers.

Outdoor curtain walls and indoor room dividers

Twin wall polycarbonates are highly beneficial for both indoor and outdoor applications – may it be curtain walls for the exterior, or room dividers for the interior. Twin wall polycarbonate curtain walls can keep the harsh weather and other harmful elements away with exceptional structural support, while keeping the occupants within comfortable. On the other hand, twin wall polycarbonate room dividers can provide you with enough light within the rooms, while also providing privacy.


As compared to glass, skylights built from twin wall polycarbonates have much higher impact resistance with high amount of light transmission while keeping away the harmful UV rays. Using daylight in this manner can conserve electricity and abundantly save on utility bills, which is why people are increasingly installing polycarbonate skylights into their homes and offices. Not only homes and offices, but all those structures that require abundance of light indoors are being covered with twin wall polycarbonate skylights.

Storm panels

For those areas that are frequently hit by storms, storm panels made of twin wall polycarbonates are highly useful. The main aim of storm panels is to protect homes and other structures from damage caused by storm, and to prevent windows from being broken by flying objects during a storm. The pressure caused by high velocity wind flowing over a building roof can also cause the roof to fail. This is where having polycarbonate storm panels can help as twin wall polycarbonates are durable and have high impact resistance.

These are just some of the most popular applications where twin wall polycarbonates can be used. There are many other uses like those in patios, carports, shower enclosures, pergolas, stadium roofings, railway station roofings, and more. For any kind of residential or commercial structures where you plan to use twin wall polycarbonates, or any other polycarbonates for that matter, make sure you get in touch with Tuflite Polymers, one of the leading polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in India.

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