Friday, 4 August 2017

Why Is Polycarbonate The Best To Fill Indoors With Natural Light?

Speaking technically, polycarbonates are long-chain linear polyesters comprising of carbonic acid and dihydric phenols like bisphenol A.

Looking at the above equation, the two hexagons are phenyl groups, and the two CH3 are methyl groups. Both these groups contribute to the stiffness of the polycarbonate. Moreover, the attraction of the phenyl groups between different molecules contributes to the good thermal resistance and high viscosity of polycarbonates. This kind of sturdiness prevents polycarbonates from developing a significant crystalline structure, which is the main reason for its property of transparency.

Now, speaking in layman language, polycarbonates are naturally transparent with the ability to transmit light almost as clearly as glass. But, unlike glass, polycarbonates are strong, tough, durable, and come with excellent heat resistance. This is why polycarbonate roofing sheets offer characteristics that are unmatched by any other material. They allow the passage of light, thus illuminating the interiors. And, if you are concerned about the privacy of your space, you would be glad to know that polycarbonates come in a variety of colours that do not hinder with the incoming light. They only make your space more private so that outsiders cannot look at what is happening indoors, due to the translucent effect of colour added with the quality of transparency.
One of the main reasons why polycarbonate is preferred over other transparent materials like glass and acrylic is its amazing quality of blocking the harmful radiations of the sun! You may wonder how a single material can let in sunlight and also protect from the sun rays! But, with polycarbonate, it is true. This is because these sheets come with a special UV protective layer on one side that do not hinder with the transparency, but also keep away the harmful UV rays, thus protecting those indoors while letting them enjoy the sunlight to the fullest. This property is what has made polycarbonate one of the most used materials in greenhouses across the globe today! Therefore, with unmatched impact resistance and the possibility of lighting with polycarbonate sheets combined with insulation capacity, the results achieved are high value properties and sustainability of buildings.

At Tuflite Polymers, you can avail all various kinds of polycarbonate roofing sheets to benefit from all the above mentioned benefits. The product range includes solid polycarbonates, textured polycarbonates, corrugated polycarbonates, multiwall polycarbonates, architectural systems polycarbonates, and special greenhouse polycarbonate panels too. You can choose from all these varieties to suit your requirements with amazing individual qualities of each kind of polycarbonate sheet, designed with specific characteristics for every kind of climatic zone and environment. You can use these polycarbonate sheets in various applications like greenhouses, skylights, skywalks, pergolas, car ports, awnings, patios, indoor partitions, and a lot more. These polycarbonates have also found its usage in various commercial applications and advertising purposes too. They are also popularly used in structures where bending and flexibility is required, like in domed and curved roofs, which is impossible in case of glass.

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