Friday, 28 July 2017

What Makes Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets So Popular?

Polycarbonate multiwall sheets have superior qualities that combine the attributes and advantages of both polycarbonates and multiwall designs. These multiwall sheets have changed the way people think about roofing solutions today. Home decorators, interior designers, and architects have found a new and easier way to add strength, durability, and design to roofs of homes, offices, and other commercial structures. Today, it is very easy to find these sheets in the market because of their popularity.  There are many manufacturers and suppliers today who can provide you with these roof panels in many varieties. However, you need to make sure that you are buying you polycarbonate roofing sheets from reputed and reliable manufacturers who can provide you both quality and best price. But, what has made polycarbonate multiwall sheets so admired? Let’s take a look at some of those qualities that has led to this popularity.

Ease of installation
Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are extremely light in weight and flexible, which makes them easy to carry, transport, and install without requiring any additional tools and machinery, and without the risk of breakage. In fact, these sheets are only 16% the weight of glass and 34% the weight of acrylic, while providing the best qualities of both these materials. This makes them so easy to install that you may not even need any professionals and experts to have the installation done. You can opt for a DIY process where you can install the panels on your own!

High impact strength
The high quality resin that polycarbonate multiwall sheets are made from ensure a very high impact strength because of which any kind of stones, rain, hail, and snow cannot crack or break these sheets.

Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are great thermal insulators because of the air spaces created between the individual sheets. This property results in phenomenal energy efficiency and savings in terms of costs of air conditioning and heating.

The unique property of transparency along with durability makes polycarbonate multiwall sheets highly admired. With 90% light transmission, almost all of the sunlight can be brought in, while keeping away the harmful UV radiations because of the special UV protection layer that these sheets come with. This property makes these panels the best option for greenhouses.

Temperature tolerance
Polycarbonate multiwall sheets can tolerate extreme outdoor weather conditions, while retaining their normal mechanical properties at temperatures ranging from –40°C to +120°C; thus making them the best choice for any kind of weather conditions.

Fire resistance
Polycarbonate multiwall sheets have the exceptional quality of being self-extinguishing, which ensures that the roof doesn't catch fire at any cost! Moreover, they do not release any kind of toxic fumes; hence posing zero threat to human life in case of fire. Therefore, if your building is in the midst of a fire-prone area, these sheets could be your best choice.

With all these ultimate qualities, you can well understand that polycarbonate multiwall sheets could make the best choice for your roofing. So now, if you are determined to go for these sheets, make sure you get them from Tuflite Polymers where you can be sure of getting the best-in-class polycarbonate roofing sheets made of high quality materials, available at the most reasonable prices. With a wide range of options, Tuflite Polymers provides its multiwall sheets in a product range of twin wall, triple wall, and five wall sheets. So, whatever your application – construction, agriculture, or advertising – Tuflite Polymers polycarbonate multiwall sheets is what you need.

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