Thursday, 23 November 2017

What Are The Benefits Of Having An ETFE Roof?

ETFE (Ethylene Tetraflouroethylene) is a polymer that is popularly seen to be replacing plastic and other similar materials for creating roofing and other structures. Its tremendous and amazingly unique properties have led it to become one of the most sought after materials in the construction industry today, which is why we see a list of ETFE suppliers in India today. In fact, it is tagged as the most efficient roof material today, and will remain to be so in the future too. It is used across a wide range of industries like educational institutes, government buildings, hospitals, recreational structures, and many other commercial and industrial applications. Let us take a look at some of the best properties of ETFE that provide amazing benefits to its users.

Extremely light in weight
ETFE is very light in weight and requires less steel framework to support its weight, meaning lesser usage of materials, thus reducing the carbon footprint and costs involved. The lightweight property combined with its flexibility brings opportunities for greater design capabilities.

Natural lighting
ETFE has a glass like appearance, allowing almost 90% of sunlight to pass through! This means there is no need for any additional lighting to be used until the last ray of the sun in the evening. This helps in reducing electricity bills, thus saving energy to a great extent.

Thermal control
Heat waves are being seen on a large basis today, which has made solar radiation a matter of great concern. But, you need not worry about it if you are planning to use ETFE sheets because ETFE has the capability to repel heat from the structure. ETFE films, specifically when tinted or treated on the surface, can prove to be a form of thermal control.

Safe and self-cleaning
ETFE is very safe to deal with, and is also self-cleaning. This property does not let any kind of dirt or debris stay on the ETFE surface. Also, the material stays unaffected by even the harshest of climates and environmental conditions, thus ensuring longevity. In fact, given proper care and maintenance, your ETFE roofs can last for up to 30 long years!

ETFE has great insulation properties. During summers, ETFE keeps away the heat from the structure, creating a lowered temperature within, while during winters, it retains heat, thus creating a warm feeling inside the structure. Furthermore, when ETFE is used in the form of a cushion, with multiple layers included, it can be a greater source of insulation for the structure.

ETFE is recyclable, unlike many other construction materials, thus giving it an edge over others. Once it is removed from the structure it is installed in, it can be recycled back to a useable ETFE product. Along with this property, it is also safe to the environment, and can reduce the use of additional indoor lighting; thus proving its eco-friendly nature.

Fire resistance
ETFE is a fire resistant material, thus the ideal choice to be used in fire-prone areas. In fact, ETFE has passed the international standard certification in terms of fire resistance.

With these incredible advantages all clubbed together in a single material, you will definitely think about using ETFE in your next project; and this is when you will need to contact suppliers. Tuflite Polymers tops the list of reliable ETFE suppliers in India as it provides the best branded ETFE sheets manufactured from Vector Foiltec, under the brand name Texlon at the best price in India.

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