Thursday, 2 November 2017

Should You Use Glass Or Polycarbonate For Your Conservatory Roof?

First built in the 16th century, and becoming more popular in the 19th century, conservatories began being traditionally built, attached to the house on one side to grow citrus fruits, tropical plants, and flower displays. They began being used as glasshouses to geodesic domes to social usage and more. Initially, it was only glass being used to build such conservatories, but today, other materials like polycarbonates are also being used. Whether being built in private gardens or parks or botanical institutions, these beautiful structures are being built with various materials in different designs. So, if you are also planning to build a conservatory anywhere around the world, you would also wonder as to which material to use – traditional glass or contemporary polycarbonate. Worry not! We have the answer to this question.

Should you opt for glass?
People generally tend to opt for glass to build their conservatory, and that’s obvious because it is the most traditional material for the purpose. Having a glass conservatory can help maximum light in and let you look out into your garden; thus enjoying the airy feel. Moreover, glass can prove to be a great soundproofing material too. This means that you can stay connected with your surroundings, while avoiding any kind of noisy disturbances around. And, if you are still worried about the noise, you can opt for double glazed glass that can ensure soundproofing even further. Also, you can have specialized glass that can keep your room insulated, but at the same time, maintains a steady temperature. However, one drawback of glass is the amount of glare that comes in when it is bright and sunny outside. Also, a glass conservatory needs a lot of maintenance in terms of cleaning as it can show up dirt very easily. To add to that, glass is very expensive and time consuming to install, and replace too.

Should you opt for polycarbonate?
Polycarbonate is undoubtedly very strong and durable as compared to glass. But, to your amazement, this strength and durability doesn't make it expensive. In fact, it is comparatively much cheaper than glass! Moreover, it is very light in weight and flexible, thus making it easy to carry, transport, and install; so you can have your conservatory built up in no time. And, one of the most noteworthy benefits of polycarbonate is that it lets in maximum light during the day as does glass, but with the added advantage of keeping the harmful UV radiations of the sun away, unlike glass. This is possible only because polycarbonate comes with a special UV protection layer on one side of the sheet. Furthermore, polycarbonate is highly impact resistant, which means you don't have to worry about any damage done by rain, snow, hail, stones, or any other impact. With all these benefits, you can definitely say that building a polycarbonate conservatory is a good investment. And, this is why there has been a rise in the number of polycarbonatesheet manufacturers in the country, out of which you need to choose the most reliable and reputed ones, for example – Tuflite Polymers.

Hopefully, with this blog, we have been able to acknowledge you with the pros and cons of both glass and polycarbonate, so that you can take an informed decision.

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