Thursday, 7 July 2016

Keep A Greenhouse Economically Warm During Winters

Greenhouses are meant to protect the plants within them and to provide a warm indoor environment when the temperature outside falls. To enable the plants within to survive during cold environments, it is essential that they are kept warm; and a greenhouse does just that. Greenhouse structures are warmed through the sun’s rays during the day but, the heat continually and rapidly escapes as the sun sets. So, there are central heating systems installed within to keep them warm throughout the day. However, these systems can get quite expensive. For those of you who have greenhouse building as a hobby, you would be looking for lesser expensive options to keep your greenhouse warm. This blog helps you know the different ways to achieve the same.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels from Tuflite

You can save not only money but energy too by only heating greenhouses when necessary. Electric greenhouse heaters come with an in-built thermostat which helps you set your greenhouse heaters to come on only when the temperature drops below a certain point.

Water storage drums
Water is the cheapest method of capturing and collecting solar heat. So, you can strategically position water storage tanks within your greenhouse so that they can capture enough heat throughout the day. You can fill black or dark coloured oil drums of 30 gallon capacity with water and place them along the North wall of your greenhouse. These water drums make for an efficient and affordable heating method.

Bubble wrap insulation
Clip a layer of bubble wrap to the inside of your greenhouse frame. This will reduce heat loss and block the chilly winter colds. You can opt for horticultural bubble wrap insulation because this kind of wrap is UV stabilized and toughened. The larger the bubbles, the more light is let in.

Improved ventilation
If you have increased humidity in your greenhouse, you will have lesser opportunity of keeping it warm. Good ventilation will help you to have a healthy growing environment by preventing the spread of fungal diseases. Prevent moisture from building up – the moisture will trap and encourage a cold environment.

Below frost line digging
Situate your greenhouse partially underground because this is a place where there is a lot of thermal mass available that can store energy. Dig a deep pit to just below the frost line in which you can situate your greenhouse. The soil temperature here remains near 50°F all the year round, which allows the sun’s energy stored to warm the walls of the greenhouse at night.

With electrical energy getting so costly, it is becoming vital to find an economical and effective form of heating the plants in a greenhouse. Budget-minded people or those who have greenhouse building only as a hobby can use the above mentioned tips to save on their money while satisfying their inner self.

Whatever kind of greenhouse you wish to build, whether it is for fulfilling the desire of your hobby, or it is for commercial purposes, you must get your polycarbonate greenhouse panels from Tuflite Polymers if you want the best-in-class polycarbonate materials.

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