Thursday, 24 November 2016

Choosing The Perfect Tuflite Roofing

When you are building up a new home or looking to renovate your commercial building, the roofing system needs to be one of the most thought-after aspects. Majority of people will look for damage, discolouration and any other defects in their walls and flooring, but tend to overlook their roof. Also, they will want strong walls and durable flooring, but for their roofing, they may opt for inexpensive materials. The roofing system seems to be left out in the entire construction and renovating process. This attitude is in fact very wrong. Just as much attention you pay to the materials and construction of your walls and flooring, you must consider your roofs equally important too.

Apart from your walls, it is also your roof that keeps you safe and protected against harsh elements like rain, wind, snow and the scorching heat of the sun. Choosing a comparatively inexpensive roofing system will provide you with benefits only for a limited period of time. On the other hand, good quality roofs like Tuflite polycarbonateroofing will prove to be your best decision for bringing a durable solution to your home or commercial space for a long time. These roofs provide durability, cost-efficiency and beauty along with a list of many more benefits. There is a wide range of polycarbonate sheets available in many options of types, grades and colours.

Here are some guidelines that will help you make the right choice as to which polycarbonate sheet you must opt for depending on the location.

·        Consider the weather conditions of your location. If you stay in a place that observes extreme outdoor weather conditions of heat and cold, you can opt for multiwall polycarbonate sheets. These sheets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures while retaining their normal mechanical properties at temperatures ranging between -40 and +120 degrees Celsius.
·        If the place where your residential or commercial building is located is prone to fire, for example in industrial areas, you must opt for multiwall or corrugated sheets as these sheets are flame resistant and do not release toxic fumes, thus posing zero threat to human life in case of fire.
·        If your location is in an area that has plenty of rains or snow throughout the year, for example in coastal areas that have salt spray in the air, you must opt for architectural systems polycarbonate sheets as their structural design equips them with the strength to tolerate snow loads and heavy wind, and makes them completely watertight.

Whatever your requirement – skylights, pergolas, greenhouses, skywalks, carports, stadium roofing, awnings, indoor partitions, billboards, signages, advertising light boxes, police shields, or safety glazing, polycarbonate sheets will do the job perfectly well. Just make sure to choose the right type of polycarbonate roofing and opt for a reliable supplier like Tuflite Polymers.

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