Thursday, 8 February 2018

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Roof?

We generally don't pay enough attention to our roof till it starts to crack, chip, and break. We are always worried about our walls and flooring, but we forget that it is our roofs that are highly exposed to outdoor environments like rain, wind, storm, UV rays, and snow. Eventually with time, these environmental factors tend to weaken the roof, thus causing havoc. As soon as you see any kind of leaks or cracks, you must make it a point to take instant steps towards resolving it. You may either repair your roof or replace it entirely. But, how would you know which step to take? Let us help you. There are many things you need to consider before choosing between a roof repair and roof replacement, such as those mentioned below.

How old is your roof?
A roofing system that is less than 7-8 years old would generally not require a replacement. Good amount of repairs could do. But, if your roofing system is more than 12-13 years old, a replacement would be better.

How critical is the damage?
If the damage is mild like having gaps around your chimney or vents, a roof repair will do just fine. But, if you have curled or broken shingles, a replacement is wise because large-scale repairs to solve the issue could be too costly.

What are the associated costs?
For many of us who belong to the middle class, budget is a huge factor. Depending upon the size and structure of your roofing system, and the material used, you will have to consider whether you can afford a replacement. If instead, your roof could do with repairs for a few months, you could get the repairs done; and in the meanwhile, start saving for your roof replacement which you can opt for later during the year, or next year. However, don't risk yourself for saving on money. If your roof really requires replacement, get it done right away. You could always check for home repair loans, or borrow money from elsewhere. After all, no money is more important than your safety!

How long will you stay under the roof?
Are you going to live under this roof for many more years to come, or do you wish to leave soon? This is one important factor you may consider. If you are planning a longer stay, you could opt for a replacement. But, if you are here only for a year or two, it would be wise to not make such a big investment. However, if you are going to put your property for sale after that, it would be genuine on your part to make your buyers aware to save them from any possible hazards.

What season is it?
An invalid consideration, you may think. But no! This is very important to consider. If you have noticed a damage or leak in your roof during monsoons, do you think you can take the risk of getting your roof down and entirely replacing it, with the rains pelting down any moment? Obviously not! In such a case, it is wise to opt for temporary repairs for a while until the monsoons are gone, and then you can decide if the repairs will be just enough, or you need a replacement. Also, roof replacements are difficult during the winters. The best time for such work is spring and summer.

If after all your considerations, you are planning on getting a roof replacement done, and if you don't mind some transparency, we suggest you opt for polycarbonate roofing sheets from someone genuine like Tuflite Polymers. They have been in the industry for more than a decade now, and have been successfully supplying their polycarbonate products to a number of satisfied clients across the world.

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