Thursday, 5 January 2017

Why Have Polycarbonates Replaced Glass?

There are lots of materials available for constructional purposes in the market today. Although glass was the traditional material used in the industry, it is now being replaced by other materials that have better qualities than glass. One of the most popular materials that have replaced glass is polycarbonate. Earlier, polycarbonate was expensive which was why it was used only in commercial industries like restaurants, café rooftops, etc. However, with it becoming more affordable in recent times and with people realizing the cost-effectiveness of this material, it has found a place in residential structures too.

People have chosen glass as their traditional material since a long time because of its transparency and translucency. Despite its drawbacks like heavy weight, fragility and expensiveness, it had become popular and dominant because there was no choice of any other material back then. However, as and when other alternatives came up that provided the same transparency with better protection and rid of all these drawbacks, people started opting for them. Today, polycarbonate roofing sheets have found their popularity amongst both commercial and residential spaces because of its unique qualities.
So what is the reason behind polycarbonate becoming so admired? The main reason for which it gained widespread popularity is its versatility and affordability. But, there are multiple other bases on which polycarbonate has won over glass, as mentioned under.

·        Polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than glass. Thus, it is able to withstand extreme impact from outer blows like rain, snow, wind and hail. Also, they don’t crack or break while drilling, cutting and installing.
·        Polycarbonate is so easy to cut and install that it requires no more than circular saws or knives and scissors with sharp toothed edges. Therefore, there is no use of highly professional people or exceptional tools and machinery. Ultimately, cutting and installing saves on your costs.
·        Polycarbonate is highly flexible, in contrast to the rigidity of glass. Therefore, other than the simple shapes, it can be used to make lots of fancy shaped designs too. other than designs, it is also available in a variety of colours, thus providing functionality together with beauty to the structure it is installed in.
·        Polycarbonate is transparent and lets in maximum amount is sunlight, just like glass. But, it also keeps away the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun, thus protecting the elements inside. This is the biggest reason why greenhouses prefer this material. If you are looking for polycarbonate greenhouse panels too, approach Tuflite Polymers to provide you with the best.
·        Polycarbonate is resistant to fire, which is why it is the most preferred material in areas that are prone to fire and other such disasters.

Moreover, polycarbonates are available in lots of varieties like solid, textured, corrugated, profiled, multiwall, and many more. These sheets are used in a wide range of applications like skylights, pergolas, hobby greenhouses, skywalks, stadium roofing, awnings, indoor partitions, carports, railway station roofing and lots more. So, whatever your constructional purpose, opt for polycarbonate instead of glass, and reap its benefits.

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